Weird Bunny
HNI 0096
Vital statistics
Species Regular name: Rabbit
Scientific name: Rabbuckus Gigantaniggaless
Gender Female
Job Protecting the Barzaro Cabano
Voiced by Emilie Claire Barlow

Weird Bunny is a character in Hotel Of Horrors. She looks just like Bunny, but unlike the regular Bunny, she is huge and she is rode on by Weird Piggy.


Weird Bunny is just like Bunny she is very girly and maybe likes princesses and stickers. She is diffent from Bunny because Weird Bunny is evil and selfish like all the other Weirdos except Weird Duck who tends to care for the lifes of others.

Howie is Freaking Out
She is Huge
Hotel of Horrors Part 3-0
Hotel of Horrors Part 3
Hotel of Horrors Part 4-1
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Hotel of Horrors Part 4-0
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Hotel of Horrors Part 4
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