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Season 1, Episode 8
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Veggie Beast is the eighth episode of season one of Almost Naked Animals. It is the eighth episode overall.


Howie grows a plant named Hank and chaos ensues.


  The episode begins with Howie and his friends running into the kitchen for food but it turns out there isn't any as it hasn't been delivered lately. Everyone complains how hungry they are and Bunny remarks 'Where's the food? Everyone's stomach is growling!' Bunny, Octo and Duck's stomachs are then seen growling, but Duck's sounds like a bell tower and mice which makes everyone stare. Duck plainly remarks 'What.'. Howie then shouts "To the beach!".

 At the beach Howie looks through binoculars and sees Old Turtle with the food but then a giant mechanical claw grab the food (and Old Turtle). Duck says "Bye turtle." and Howie says "Everyone saw a giant claw, right?" To which everyone says "Yeah.". Howie then says "To the garden!"

Howie holds up a "Magic bean" which he says he 'got from that stranger over there'. A cow is then seen saying "Psst. Wanna buy some broken jungle-gym equipment? It's magic!" Piggy walks over and says "Magic? Piggy know magic! NOW GO DISAPPEAR!". Howie then plants the bean, saying "Not seeing any movement. Still nothing. Nothing. Nothing. (By which time he had fallen asleep.)"

In the middle of the night everyone tries to make it grow. Octo says "Maybe some plant food might help.", gently tipping plant food onto it, but then the lid falls off. "Um, I meant to do that." he says. Bunny walks up, saying "I heard light helps plants grow.", attatching stage lights to it and shining them over it. "You'd better start growing now. Sleep ti-ight!!" She says bouncing away. Howie accidentaly drools on the wire and electrocutes the soil and the plant starts growing uncontrollably.

In the morning everyone walks up and sees the huge supply of food and Bunny says "Wow. Howie was actually right about something!" to which Sloth replies "Oh come on. Howie can do no wrong... Ok, he got lucky this time. Let's just eat already."

When Howie wakes up he sees the plant and calls it Hank. Then Bunny, Sloth, Duck and Piggy get eaten by Hank. Howie and Octo tried lots of plans to get Bunny, Piggy, Sloth and Duck out of Hank. Then Batty comes and he screams because Hank was about to eat him. Luckly, Poodle caught Hank's head and saved Batty. Poodle asked Batty to get Hank's roots out. Hank gets furious at Batty and Poodle and luckily Howie and Octo crashed into them. Hank was now reallty furious and trying to eat Howie, Octo, Poodle and Batty. But those 4 ran away. Howie hit Hank and rescued his friends. Then Hank finally ate Poodle and Batty for dessert..



  • Duck's tummy rumble sounds like a clock chiming.
  • When Howie says " Old Turtle, If you were'nt so old or slimy I could kiss you " and then Sloth comes really quickly and says " I'm not slimy or old"
  • Batty started break dancing lessons in this episode.


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