Duck from the past-3

Duck from the past-3

Garbage is falling out of sky, so Duck and Howie go to the past to stop it.

About the episode

The episode starts off with a tiny cloud pouring garbage all over everyone in the Banana Cabana. Everyone gathers in the lobby questioning about the garbage. Howie and Octo thought that this was caused by a garbage ghost. Bunny thinks that Poodle was behind all of this so the gang went to the Shadow Shattro.

Appairently they find out that Poodle had nothing to do with the garbage coming out of nowhere so they went back to the Banana Cabana and saw Duck vaccuming the garbage through a huge pipe with leads to a time machine. Duck told them at he got the idea when Duck took Howie's apple core and was puting all the garbage into the future when they where babies. Piggy than jumped into the wormhole thinking that he was going to save the future but insead got stuck in the time paradox. Duck took himself and Howie to the past the tell baby Duck to not put the garbage into the Banana Cabana's future and when they came back there was no garbage at all. The episode ends with Howie swinging Duck around and dancing with joy.

Trash To The Past


This is the first time Poodle was blamed for something she didn't do. The second time will be in The Big Burp Theory.

Duck has a female duck on his calender.

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