The Perfect Gift
Season 1, Episode 49
The Perfect Gift
Premiered: October 21, 2011
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Last year, Narwhal gave Bunny a rock for the Howiedays. This year Narwhal is determined to get Bunny something that is as perfect as him, so he decided to be Bunny's present. When she finds out the giant present for her is from Narwhal, she puts it into Duck's incinerator that Howie got him. Bunny eventually finds out that Narwhal is inside the present and she throws it off.


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  • Narwhal is a lousy gift giver, he got Sloth a banana peel last year and the year before he gave her, Bunny and Piggy a song each which was exactly the same, just with their names.
  • Every year Narwhal's presents sets Octo on fire, the blowtorch, the hair dryer and a calculator!? Howie's calculator from Narwhal also set him on fire but he didn't mind.
  • Duck mistook Unicorn for Narwhal, probably because they both have horns.
  • Narwhal gives lousy presents, but Howie gives the best presents
  • Narwhal gets what he deserves when Duck accidentily and unknownly smashes Narwhal's head several times.


Duck on christmas


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