Stunter's Block
Season 1, Episode 7
Stunners Block
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Stunter's Block is the seventh episode of season one of Almost Naked Animals. It is the seventh episode overall.


Howie is at a resturaunt with Bunny and Octo and he sees that Dirk Danger is working there because he gave up on his job as a daredevil. So Howie tries to get him to be one again. Meanwhile Bunny and Piggy are arguing over who gets to watch over the hotel while Howie is gone.


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Characters who appeared in this episode

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  • Sloth is seen without her luggage cart in the end of the episode.


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Adult Humor

  • Howie talks about a time he was hanging off a cliff with a fork lodged in his anus at the begining.
  • Howie asks Dirk if he has a toilet or if he can just go PPT anywhere.

Key Events

  • Dirk Danger becomes the Fruity Noodle Hut's part time assistant.
  • Howie gives up running The Cabana to help Dirk get ideas for brand new stunts.
  • Dirk's new stunt is swin through The Cabana filled with marshmallow goo.


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