Stink Dog
Season 2, Episode ? (TBA)
Stink Dog
Air date TBA (Canada)
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Production Order: Cat's Nine Lives
Broadcast Order: ?
Production Order: Crouching Narwhal, Hidden Piggy
Broadcast Order: ?

Stink Dog is a Season 2 episode of Almost Naked Animals.


Howie misses watching Octo falling down the stairs and getting a mouth full of dirty underwear all because he was about to take a bath. So Howie decides to never bathe again. The smell gets so bad that Narwhal's farts improve the air qaulity. Then a bunch of flies come in due to their liking of dirtiness. Everyone tries to get Howie in a bath because he is stinky and unsanitary, and his natural prankful attitude gets even worse.


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Characters who appeared in this episode


  • Howie used his "spare time" to learn how to clean his laundry using his ears.
  • When Howie get's dirty enough he has minor powers.
  • Howie taught his belly button to wink.
  • A running gag is that Howie keeps calling animals gophers even if thier not mammals.


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Adult Humor

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