'S.S. Banana Cabana'
Season 1, Episode 12
S.S Banana Cabana
Premiered: June 28, 2011
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S.S. Banana Cabana is a Season 1 episode of Almost Naked Animals.


Howie buys many super powered flush toilets to replace the boring flush of the normal ones. By using them overnight, he busts the the Banana Cabana's pipes sending the hotel afloat. When the hotel hits land Octo is captured by crabs who want to offer his legs to a volcano so it wouldn't erupt.


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Characters who appeared in this episode


  • Sloth says, "Ooo, It's like being on a cruise ship!" (gasps) "Cruise ships are so romantic!" She gazes at Howie dreamily.
  • At the end, Duck stands at the top of the Banantenna and sticks his arms out like Rose in Titanic and shouts "I'm the mayor of the world!"
  • The crabs have sticks that appear to be sharp, however, they are tickly sticks.
  • This could be the crabs' very first appearance.

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Almost Naked Animals On the Titanic???

Almost Naked Animals On the Titanic???

I am the mayor of the world!

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