One Star Hotel
Season 1, Episode 2
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One Star Hotel is the second part of the first double-bill of Almost Naked Animals


Howie may lose the hotel if he does not get at least one star from a reviewer. Howie has to get at leat a star for his hotel or else Poodle will take it over. She tries to use Duck to make his hotel worse but he only makes it better.




Key Events

  • Poodle's hotel gets rated 6*/5*
  • Duck destroys Poodle's hotel


  • This episode is the first produced episode of the show but aired as the fourth episode on YTV and the first on Cartoon Network. CN airs the episodes by production order while YTV airs them out of production order.
  • First Appearance: Poodle and Batty.
  • It is revealed that Howie now learns in this episode that Poodle is mean and rude to him.
  • There were stars that showed up in this episode much like the one on the title page of Almost Naked Animals.
  • The stars in this episode had no talking lines.
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