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==Adult Humor==
==Adult Humor==

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Nothing But the Tooth
Season 1, Episode ? (109b)
Air date March 5, 2011 (Canada)
June 23, 2011 (US)
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Production Order: Oh Brother, Who Are You?
Broadcast Order: ?
Production Order: A Fish This Big
Broadcast Order: ?

Nothing But the Tooth is the second part in the ninth double-bill of Almost Naked Animals.


Octo has a sore tooth and Howie attempts to get it out for an item searching contest to keep the Banana Cabana.


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Characters who appeared in this episode


  • Duck apparently types on a typewriter on top of a bobbing beach ball.
  • This is the only episode Duck wears a fanny pack and has the little Duck.
  • Piggy states that it always rains on his birthday.
  • This is the only time Sloth climbs up a wall.
  • The objects that are in the scavenger hunt are: a drop of acid rain, a golden avacado, and an mollusk's tooth.
  • Batty loves to conga.
  • Sloth say's to Narwhal, "Quick! We have to get back to my poor, sweet, clueless Howie!"


Nothing But the Tooth (transcript)


Adult Humor

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