Mystical Space Orb
The Mystical Space Orb of the future
"I am the Mystical Space Orb from the future, here to give you all the knowledge of the universe!"
Vital statistics
Species Regular name: Mystical Space Orb
Scientific name: Orbomellion
Gender Male
Job Knowlege giver
Voiced by  ???
The Mystical Space Orb of the future is a space orb that appeared in the episode Octopi P.I.. It is an orb that came to earth from the regions of outer space to give Duck ultimate knowledge of the universe.


The Mystical Space Orb is a glowing hyper realistic ball of matter that is the colors light blue and light green. It has white plasma lightning that constantly flashes around it. It has a very deep and god like voice.


The Mystical Space Orb of the universe is a very genius and supernatural being who obtains vast knowledge of everything in the universe.


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