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This year they are doing Miss Surronding Area at the Banana Cabana and Poodle tells Batty to dress up as a girl because last year Poodle was in trouble by everyone and Bunny defanitly entered that compertion.Howie was couching Bunny and Duck was couching Batty. Narwhal told then audince about Bunny and Batty. When Batty dressed up they call her bactina. So Batty dressed as bactina was beating Bunny. Then they were doing a dance. Batty hardly pushed Bunny. Bunny was really furious and pushed Bactina then Bactina's hair came off!!!!!. Bunny said Huuuuh its Batty. Batty nervously said hi Bunny. Piggy was angry and he said still Batty was pretty. Mr.Mayor and Piggy the Judges decided that there will be Miss and Mr Surronding Area. Bunny was angry and Batty was happy because everyboady loved her. Then it was wish time, Poodle told Batty to wish to shut down the Banana Cabana then Bunny decided for the Banana Cabana to be reopend. Poodle was angry at Bunny. Howie thought the girl wearing glasses and wearing a yellow thing was Poodle. Mr.Mayor was angry. Poodle said it was just a pair. Mr.Mayor shouted at Poodle and told her to get out and he crashed in to her and there was a fight. Narwhal was cuddling Bunny and Batty and Narwhal said Oh where was I when I got so interupted and he started singing. Duck dressed up as a girl and Piggy loved her and she was through for next years Miss Surronding Area

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