Almost Naked Animals - A Drop Of Acid Rain

Almost Naked Animals - A Drop Of Acid Rain

Little Duck
Little Duck
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Job Handy Animal
Voiced by  ?

Little Duck or Duck 2 is the smaller version of Duck. He appeared in the episode, "Nothing But the Tooth". Little Duck and all the other mini Ducks are about 15 inches tall.

Little Duck sounds like Duck high-pitched. Duck keeps Little Duck in the same pouch that he keeps his alternative universe in. Little Duck also has a pouch but it contains a drop of acid rain inside of a test tube. Duck uses a magnafying glass to be able to see him.



  • Nothing but the Tooth
  • Mini Howies (with all the other mini Ducks)
  • This is the only time when a mini Duck appears without the other mini Ducks
  • Octo vs Batty
  • A helping paw

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