Season 1, Episode ? (117b)
Air date TBA (Canada)
July 6, 2011 (US)
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Production Order: Who Inked the Bed?
Broadcast Order: ?
Production Order: Candid Camaraderie
Broadcast Order: ?

Kikmee is the second part in the seventeenth double-bill of Almost Naked Animals.


Howie tries to help Bunny with her temper, but it only makes her angrier.


Bunny is impatiently waiting for Octo to finish scheduling her class, but he thinks that doing aerobics right after eating is not a good idea. Bunny eventually screams so loudly that it causes Octo to slam against the wall and create a hole in the wall. Howie tells Bunny that she shouldn't get angry so easily, and often, but Bunny denies it and throws a vase against the mirror. The reason why Bunny is tense is because it's her night to wear the cabana's mascot, Kikmee. Howie challenges Bunny to not snap for the rest of the day and as a little incentive, Octo will wear the mascot for that night, and from now on. To not snap, Bunny just has to follow Howie's advice, which is dancing. Duck then joins in, but he steps on Bunny's foot by accident, then Bunny proceeds dancing, only to collide with Piggy, ruining his porridge. Howie tells Piggy that he just has to follow his advice, but Howie and Bunny end up getting kicked out by Piggy. Then Howie and Octo are at the busy breakfast buffet and Bunny is in line, Octo is excitedly saying that Bunny will freak out for sure and he won't be wearing Kikmee anytime soon. Bunny starts yelling at a guest who is going through the pancakes, but then Howie intervenes by giving her "the sack of serenity", which just happens to be his lunch bag, but he told her to just breathe anyway. She breathes into the bag, but she pops it, and she starts panting, then Howie gives her "bliss balloons", then she starts breathing into them all, but it still didn't work, then Howie gaver her a valve to breathe in, which is connected to a bouncy house, and Howie starts bouncing on it, but Bunny continues breathing into it, which causes to break all of the windows of the cabana. The guest lands on the sand with all of the pancakes, but the last one lands on his crotch. Bunny is on the desk, rocking back and forth, saying she doesn't know how longer she can keep from getting mad. Sloth says that Duck has "gone to the can again". There is a loud noise coming from outside, Bunny goes outside and screams at Duck to "stop that racket" and asks him what he is doing. Duck claims that he is making the world's biggest can. Bunny asks why he is making such a big can. It's because Duck has made the biggest can opener and he needs to test it. Bunny storms off and goes off to find Howie. A few seconds later, he and Bunny are sitting on lounge chairs looking off into the horizon. Bunny claims that she is on an angle, and it seems that one of the legs are uneven. Bunny almost mangles the lounge chair, only to throw it, and hit Piggy on a canoe. Howie tells Bunny to use the sand to sculpt the thing that is annoying her the most. She erects a statue, resembling Howie, then she kicks the head's statue off and hits Piggy again. Bunny goes back to work. A few minutes later, Bunny is at the diving board with a guest, and she is assuring him that it's easy, but the guest is stubborn. Bunny almost gets angry, but Howie appears to coach Bunny. She reassures the guest and tells him that she is supporting him. Howie gives Bunny praise, and tells her that she is "nailing it". Duck asks if someone said nail it, then says "done and done' while putting corks in his ears, then gets a big hammer and starts pounding the can. Bunny is trying to teach the guest, but keeps getting interrupted because of Duck, then turns red. Howie gets up on the diving board then dives into the pool. Howie tells her it's super refreshing. Bunny jumps into the pool, turning it to steam. She gets back on the diving board and forces him to dive, while Howie spots him, but he gets nearly crushed by the guest. Back inside, Bunny has put on oven mitts, a clothespin, earmuffs, and a blindfold so she won't touch, see, smell, or hear anything. Howie tells her it's a sweet plan, but she mistook for "eat bran", while shaking a plant mistaking it for Howie. She thinks that she has hurt Howie and goes off into the elevator asking for help, arriving on the second floor, then falling from the railing. Howie goes to see if Bunny was okay, but Bunny was angry that Howie was okay. Octo excitedly shouts "She's gonna blow! So long, Kikmee! I'll be down here" Howie darts behind the desk, followed by Bunny, saying that none of his peaceful ideas worked, so now she is madder than ever. Howie asks if she wants to try dancing again, then Duck joins Howie. Bunny takes all of her rage on the mascot, releasing all of her anger. She feels a lot better and goes off to relax in a bubble bath, but she lost the challenge so she still has to wear a mascot, but she destroyed Kikmee. Eventually Bunny is wearing a banana on her head, but it attracts monkeys and they chase her.
Almost naked animal duck getting funky

Almost naked animal duck getting funky

 Howie and Octo are standing together when Duck causes havoc in his can, which he has turned into a club, saying that "Well I learned to get fun-kay!". Howie ends the episode by saying: When you're right, you're right!".   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
Almost Naked Animals - Duck Learns To Get Fun-kay!-0

Almost Naked Animals - Duck Learns To Get Fun-kay!-0

duck:well i learned to get funkay!

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Duck Stepped on Bunny's Foot Disney XD Version

Duck Stepped on Bunny's Foot Disney XD Version




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Bunny Throw a Chair and The Chair Hit Piggy Disney XD Version

Bunny Throw a Chair and The Chair Hit Piggy Disney XD Version

Bunny Kicks The Sand Statue Head Off and Sand Statue Head Hit Piggy

Bunny Kicks The Sand Statue Head Off and Sand Statue Head Hit Piggy


Bunny's Feet Tapping
Bunny is Angry at Duck

Bunny Getting Angry at Duck. He Stepped on Her Foot

Sand Statue Head Hit Piggy

Adult Humor

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