Keep On Monster Truckin'
Season 1, Episode 6
Keep On Monster Truckin'
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Keep On Monster Truckin' is the sixth episode of season on of Almost Naked Animals. It is the sixth episode overall.


Howie finds a monster truck that grows in water and a sleep-eating Beaver goes in to the hotel so they have to stop him from eating everything by keeping him awake the whole time.


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Characters who appeared in this episode


  • This was Beaver's first appearance.
  • It shows writing on the bottom of the case but its only thick straight lines.


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Adult Humor

  • Duck dressed like a girl in a dark room. This was a Drag Queen reference and because he was in a dark room, that meant he wanted to have sex with Howie.
  • Piggy gets trapped in a bunch of Jelly and he makes himself look like a fetus in an embryo.
  • Howie tries to clauge a leaking pipe by putting his butt on it. This was possibly an anal sex reference.
  • Narwhal talks about what it would be like if birds and bees really were in love.
  • Howie gets sucked into the sponge and he comes out the inside in a water drob and everyone goes EEW, like a fetus in a womb either being given birth to or aborted.


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