It's My Party
Season 1, Episode 1
It's my party
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It's My Party is the first episode from Season One of Almost Naked Animals. It is the first episode overall.


​Howie decides to throw a party at the Banana Cabana but ends up getting locked in the cellar. As the rest of the group start to get trapped in the cellar in turn, they make various plans to escape.


The episode starts off with Howie performing one of his trademark stunts, This is the first stunt seen in the series and is used to explain this part of his character. Performing the stunt, Howie jumped off of a trampoline, flipping through a ceiling fan's blades as they spun around, descending while taking off his underwear and flipping them around, and finally dismounting on the edge of the trampoline, smashing his crotch against it. Everybody except Sloth express disapproval and boredom at the end of the stunt, Howie starts asking them for ideas and, with an idea from Duck, Howie decides to throw a party. Howie assigns everyone to specific roles, He assigns Octo to writing down a list of Party necessities, Bunny handing out invitations, Narwhal as entertainment, Piggy as chef, and tells Duck to fetch decorations from the Cellar. Howie runs down to the cellar after Duck, who found the doorknob broken, to get his Dirk Danger costume. Howie tells duck not to fix the door, saying that there isn't any time , and duck swallows the doorknob and leaves. Howie puts on the Dirk Danger uniform (Which is much too small for him) and finds himself stuck inside the cellar. Meanwhile, Piggy is making a Marshmallow castle (Which duck ruins) and finds himself needing Lard. He and Sloth go down to the cellar, shutting the door behind them, and locking themselves in. Piggy attempts to break out but to no avail. At the party, Narwhal takes a break from singing to talk to Octo, who informs him that he's out of his ice. Octo requests that Narwhal go down to the cellar to find Howie, and Narwhal goes to the cellar, shutting the door behind him, which once again leads to another person being captive in the cellar. Next, Octo and Bunny are talking when Octo informs Bunny that he sent Narwhal to find Howie, only to have both go missing. Bunny leaves to find them in the cellar, preparing a ramp for Howie to slide down on to bust open the door. Howie slides through, travelling through the hotel on a box, ultimately returning to the cellar. Ignoring Narwhal and Piggy's efforts to get to the door, Bunny shuts it as Howie returns and Duck leaves, who had come down to get a spring to fix Howie's trampoline. Panicking, Octo runs down to the cellar, slams the door behind him, and begins complaining as to how everyone left him. The rest launch Howie through the door, with Duck awaiting on the other side with the trampoline, Howie launches into Duck, and they both rebound into the Cellar. as Howie and Duck smash into the wall, Duck burps up the doorknob, and the other's use it to escape.

Adult Humor

  • When Howie was jumping up and down on the trampoline, he took off his underpants and when Narwhal looked at him, his sun glasses broke.
  • Howie also hit his butt on the trampoline.
  • When Sloth saw Howie without his underpants on, she looked at him lovingly and had hearts all around her.
  • Howie said "We need to have a party, and this party need Bocci Balls. Who even knows what Bochi Balls are?" 
  • Howie told Duck to go down into the cellar and then Duck said "What is a cellar?" 
  • When Howie is tryng to take his tight pants off with a crowbar he says that it feels nice which means he is rubbing himself.  
  • A bunch of almost naked animals went into a dark closet together during a party. 
  • Narwhal came down into the closet and said that they were having a "Private party."
  • Howie said that unsupervised parties are always the best kind of parties.
  • When Howie and Duck went into the trampoline.
  • Piggy covered the "private party" in a bunch of grease.
  • Cockroach was running around the room on a giant, flaming, exploding ball of poop.



  • This is the first episode of Almost Naked Animals.
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