Hotel of Horrors
Season 1, Episode ?
Hotel of Horrors
Premiered: October 14, 2011
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Hotel Of Horrors is a Halloween episode of Almost Naked Animals. 


Howie gets flushed down a haunted toilet to a parallel dimension called the Bizarro Cabano. There is only one way to get back, which is for Howie to find the Enchanted Ruby Plunger.


Howie drank too much water and had to go to the bathroom really bad but Duck did something to all the toilets and lava is bursting out of them. Howie couldn't hold it any longer so he went to the haunted toilet in the basement. After he went out came a ghost made out of toilet water and swallowed him whole. Howie than was going thourgh a colorful portal coming for the other haunted toilet in an alternive universe. He came to the lodge and everything was upside down. He noticed that Duck had two heads that complete each others sentences and/or talking at the same time. Narwhal had several eyes which Howie thought that he had new glasses. Octo had nine arms insead of eight and Sloth was small and very fast. They wouldn't let Howie leave until he ate all of his brussel sprouts. Howie ran back to the haunted toilet but it was clogged so Weird Duck told him that he needs the enchanted ruby plunger in order to escape. Howie then says "Why are you helping me?"

They say it so that they can have more brussel sprouts but they wouldn't come with him because of the dangers so Howie was on his own. Weird Duck gave him the map with was writin in toilet paper. The first thing it says is that Howie had to go though an elevator which was a giant monster's mouth and when Howie got off after fighting for his life in there he came upon Weird Bunny who was a fire breathing giant and Weird Piggy who was and ice breathing knight riding on Weird Bunny the two argued on who's breath was scarier and gave enough time for Howie to run pass to the enchanted rudy plunger but Weird Octo mixed it up with two other plungers that looked like it so Howie took all three and unclogged the toilet and went though the portal again everyone else followed him back to the Banana Cabana were everyone and the Weird ones met each other.

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Hotel of Horrors

Hotel of Horrors


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