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Facts About Harold The Dog

Let's get this party stunted!
Gender: Male
Species: Regular name: Dog
Scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris
Age: 22
Birthday: November 23rd
Hair color: Yellow
Eye color: Black
Personal Information
  Manager of the Banana Cabana
Being friends with Duck, Octo, Bunny, Sloth, Narwhal, Piggy, Batty, Dolphin, T-Rex, Human Howie, Clown Hyena, Hamster (at times)
  Banana Cabana, Naked Cinema, Pride Land
  Duck, Octo, Bunny, Narwhal, Piggy, Sloth, Batty (sometimes) others
  no one
Love Interests:
  Stunting, weird items, objects and activities
  Dark places, scary items
Dad, Mom
Poodle (sister), Larry (fake brother)
Howie's pet goldfish
Production Information
First Appearance:
  It's My Party
Voiced by:
Robert Tinkler
Howie is the sexy, hot, and established politician. He lives in southern LA, but he's the prime minister of Britain, as well as Manchester. He is Dirk Danger's number 1 fan, enjoying watching his stunts and movies. Harold is usually oblivious to the obvious and not very smart, and it usually causes him pain to think. He has a strong love for his sister and is loyal to his friends. It is revealed he is very good at demolishing buildings with nothing but his head. He is a somewhat professional stunt dog. He currently lives in the Banana Cabana.

Harold loves performing stunts, usually ending in a painful crash and explosion. He seems to have an amazing recovery rate. His favorite restauraunt is the Fruity Noodle Hut, and his favorite drink is Captain Fizzy's Fuzzy Orange Soda (yum!).

Although his stunts are hated most of the time, he is valued by all his employees and friends at the Banana Cabana.


  • TBA*

Early life

There isn't much known about Harold's early life, except that he was born on November 23rd and that he had an imaginary friend named Platymoose and befriended Octo during his childhood[1]. Harold's parents were never seen, although he and Poodle have mentioned their father a few times in the TV series. Harold also went to a summer camp called Camp Lakeboogerwater. And, Poodle had said that Howie would be a stunter.

Current life

Howie's dad currently owns the Banana Cabana and his son is the manager of the hotel. Howie had also hired six employees (Bunny, Duck, Octo, Narwhal, Sloth, and Piggy), met and befriended him to work at the Banana Cabana. Howie is Dirk Danger's number 1 fan.


He is hyperactive and impulsive, he's almost always cheerful. It is revealed that Howie is also polite and intelligent, able to pull off stunts without crashing, but cannot usually do so because he consumes too much sugar and therefore cannot concentrate long enough. He has a strong dislike for brussel sprouts, they can even cause him to momentarily pass out! He has a happy-go-lucky attitude. He is always happy to help a friend.


Howie is a pale-yellow Labrador Retriever, he obviously had a bad sun tan, leaving him with a vest-like appearance. He wears blue stripy underwear though in some episodes, isn't embarrassed to take them off!


Octo -- Howie and Octo has been best friends since they have been children, ever since Howie crashed into Octo while stunting. They share a room at the Banana Cabana. Octo is also an employee of Howie. Howie, sometimes, dislikes Octo's safety rules[2][3] when it gets out of control because Howie prefers danger.

In a episode howie kicks him out of the room to build a library

Bunny -- Howie's employee. Howie is not usually getting Bunny's activity ideas in some episodes. In the episode "Kikmee", Howie bet that Bunny can't have anger issues for a day, then Howie won the bet. In What Would Batty Do?, Howie punishes Bunny for taking over the Banana Cabana while being a assistant for Poodle.

Poodle -- Howie's sister and rival. Poodle and Howie's relationship are a love-hate relationship because Poodle tries to destroy the The Banana Cabana and is stopped by Howie's friends and accidentally by Howie, who appears oblivious to his sisters hate for him and attempts to take over his hotel.

Sloth -- Sloth is Howie's employee. Sloth is madly in love with him and tries to show it but he just thinks she's being a good friend. If she accidentally shows hints of her attraction to Howie whilst the other employees are there, then she'll quickly cover it up, even though Bunny knows already that Sloth is in love with Howie, but decides to keep quiet about it because she and Sloth are good friends.

In a episode caled "Dr. Howie & Dr. Howyena" howie makes a potion wich hypnotizes him. In the episode when Howie drinks captain fizzy's fuzzy orange soda he turns to a party animal caled Howyena who atacks everyone and everything starting with his best buddy Octo and falls in love with Sloth but then he gets normal again. At the end Duck makes an antidote but first he makes a potion wich makes him fart, but the second time he gets it right and Piggy gives it to Howie. Then Sloth gives Howie more of Captain Fizzys fuzzy orange soda to turn him to Howyena but it doesn't work.

Duck --


Howie loving Duck's birthday party idea.

Howie's dimwitted yet smart best friend and employee. Howie always loves Duck's ideas (for example: In "It's My Party", Duck had an idea about having a party and Howie loved his idea). Sometimes, Howie thinks Duck is very strange and weird but Duck thinks Howie is the "weird one" in The Brother and Sister Games. He also relied on him to translate Swedovlakian in the episode "The Lost Stunt".In "Rotation Situation" Howie also loved the idea of Duck's when Duck made the Earth's rotachion go faster so he'll have his birthday sooner. Duck even made a bunch of Mini Howie's for him to play with in the episode "Mini Howie's"

Piggy -- Howie's bossy and strict friend. Howie always likes Piggy's cooking. Piggy refers to Howie as "Smelly or Dog Thing". Howie can be seen showing affection towards piggy, usually resulting in Piggy hurting him. However, Piggy does like Howie, shown as he begins to cry when Howie is forced to leave the island.

Narwhal -- Howie's lounge singer friend and employee. Howie loves hearing Narwhal's singing.

Batty -- Howie and Batty share little to no friendship, but do share common interests.


  • SpongeBob (SpongeBob SquarePants, both are yellow, happy, crazy, and stupid)
  • Jake the Dog (Adventure Time, both are yellowish dogs and are usually happy)
  • Mr. Happy (The Mr. Men Show, both are yellow and happy)
  • Fish (The Cat in The Hat Knows A lot About That, both are sound alike)
  • Delete (Cyberchase, both are crazy and skinny)
  • Mr. Peanutbutter (Bojack Horseman, both are crazy, happy, annoying, stupid yellow dogs)

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