Freebies Jeebies is an episode in Season 2.

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Howie gets an offer from the Noddle Hut free noodles and he got a copun and he gets 20% off. So Howie decided to make copouns then he drops them everywhere with Duck. Batty was out for only 25 minutes because Poodle let him. Then all the coupons with the bag fell on Batty. Batty went back to the Cheautu Chattoo and he had bandage on half of his underware and his head and walking with a stick. Then Howie and Duck told Bunny, Sloth and Narwhal about they made 1,000 coupons. there were 1,000 guests in the Banana Cabana. Poodle and Batty arrived and Poodle was angry at Howie and Howie said lets play the coupon game because Poodle said 2 can play the coupon game Then Howie wanted to vs Batty first and Poodle can Judge then Poodle and Batty had work to do and went back to the Chattoo. Howie was saying Well Done because all his friends made new rooms. A guy had a coupon, Howie and his friends didn't make it but They were finding out who did. Poodle made them but Batty was wearing glasses to be in deckies and holding lots of coupons that Poodle made. Batty offerd the Banana Cabana Coupons. Howie asked Batty if he was enjoying his day. Batty said its great. Howie asked seuriously could I see ur room key. Batty was worried because if Howie found out it was Batty, Batty will run and might be hurt. Howie said its ok I will drink this bottle of captin fizzy. Batty said well have a great day and he tried to run off from Howie. Howie didn't know that was actully Batty. Howie seuriously said that is one big bag of coupons you got there. Howie happily said just like one this morning I had an areoplane. Batty nearly got caught. Batty said that is a story but he had to go and tried to escape. Howie said wait a second seirously. Batty held his breath.Howie said something about you looks fimiliar then happily said those glasses I weared the same coustume of Howieween last year. Phew thought Batty.Then Howie carryed on being serious.Then after 10 second Howie said enjoy your day. Then Batty said thanks then ran to a squid. Batty tried to give him a coupon but Howie snatched it. Bunny, Sloth, Narwhal and Piggy had to do all the work. Octo thought he got transport from a moose then he screamed HOW DO I KNOW HOW TO DO THAT HOWIE then he ran screaming. Howie told everyboady to freeze. then every guest told Howie that they got a copon by the pool. Batty said free stuff. Bunny was reading her newspaper then she said I will take one of those Batty. Then Batty screamed and then ran then banged on Narwhal. Bunny, Howie and Batty were somewhere and then Batty didn't want to tell anything then he blamed Poodle. Then Poodle got 180% off the Chattoo then Poodle got lots of customers.

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