'Father's Day'
Season 3, Episode 51
Father's day
Premiered: June 19, 2013
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Father's Day is the fifty first episode of season three of Almost Naked Animals.


Duck gets a egg and trys to hibernate the egg but he uses everyone's stuff to do it. 


At the beginning of the episode, Duck is sleeping in his booger chair and then he wakes up and finds what he thinks is an egg. Then later, he tells the Banana Cabana crew that he laid an egg. Bunny says that he couldn't lay an egg because he's a guy. Duck couldn't understand her and calls his egg Duckling Jr. Later, Duck stole Piggy's microwave to keep Ducking Jr. warm. He then put quick drying cement on all of Narwhal's interments because noise is bad for baby ears and took Howie's Dirk Danger's space helmet as a heating chamber and made an announcement that his shed was off limits. Howie, Octo, Sloth, Piggy, Narwhal and Bunny went to Duck's shed to get their stuff back. Duck then made an announcement warning them that they were trespassing, told them to leave, but then Bunny said that she refused and fell though a trapped door. Everyone wasn't sure what they can do to help save Bunny. Then, Piggy found a hidden door. They came upon a giant checkerboard with giant smashing checker pieces. Piggy was able to get though them all with his marcel art skills, pushed the button to make them stop smashing, got too gawky and got sucked up by a booger tube. Then they came upon a booger river, so Sloth grabed a booger vine, swung though, and pushed a button and out came a booger bridge and then Sloth had a ramp that appeared under her and she went though a booger wall. Howie, Octo, and Narwhal fell though the booger bridge and into the booger river. Octo that grabbed onto a rope that was attached to the plug and pulled it out. Octo then scacrifed himself to plug the hole and got sucked though the booger drain. Howie and Narwhal climbed up the rope to get up to Duck's lair. Then they appeared in Duck's lair, while Duck was still holding on to his egg he had everyone he caught in booger tubes. Then he sent out his booger bots to capture Howie and Narwhal. Narwhal than grabed a booger bot and knocked the others out of his way, but he was so disgusted that he threw it away knocking the egg out of Duck's hands, and it fell down the stairs, but did not break. Howie wondered if it was an egg, then Duck licked it and it was a giant mint. He let everyone go free from the booger tubes.

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