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Facts About Duck Archibald William Nightingale III

Duck Archibald Nightingale William III
What is a celler?
Gender: Male
Species: Regular: Duck
Scientific: Anas platyrhynchos
Age: 22
Birthday: Unknown
Hair color: Tan
Eye color: Black
Personal Information
  Handy worker of the Banana Cabana
Being friends with Howie, Octo, Bunny, Sloth, Narwhal, Piggy, sometimes Batty
  Banana Cabana
  Howie, Octo, Bunny, Narwhal, others
Love Interests:
Mandy (sister)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  It's My Party
Voiced by:
David Berni

Duck is a dimwitted duck, but he is the handy animal of the Banana Cabana and Howie's and Octo's pal. Duck is voiced by David Berni. Duck should be close to 4 feet tall. Duck is king of Shedselvainia (which is only his shed). The number one rule in Shedselvania is that everyone must be named Rupert. Duck carries a mini duck in his bag.

It has been discovered that Duck has royal roots as seen in the episode "Ducking Duck". He also switched jobs when Narwhal lost his horn once in the episode Horn Swoggled. According to Duck no means yes in Swedovlakian. Duck sleeps on a crate with a pillow and a blanket in the storage cupboard of the Banana Cabana. He also sleeps in the booger chair in his shed. He keeps a potato masher by his bed. His code for turning off his home made fake sun was Giant Mutant Birthday Cake.

It is revealed that he thinks tennis rackets are banjos as in the episode Figure Fight, he said "Why does my banjo have so many strings?". Duck invented time travel purely to rid the Banana Cabana of its rubbish as featured in Trash To The Past after Howie gives him his apple core. Duck's secret for delicious pancakes is to not leave them on the dirty floor longer than necessary. His signature is a big X. He dislikes breadcrumbs apparently. His belly rumble sounds like a clock chiming. He likes his doughnuts with the crust cut off. His favorite color is claimed to be asparagus. His favorite flavor is green. He grew up the on the road Nose Nugget Boulevard. Duck is his own best friend and prefers himself in the color Perrywinkle.

Duck is ragingly lactose intolerant and finds walking outside to see his sister Mandi is already outside is pleasant for him. Duck likes eating crayons, so does Piggy (when bored), and makes a rainbow in his belly due to over-eating crayons. In "The Night Shift", Duck thinks that Howie is himself. In Howie's Little Helper, Duck rides a sleigh saying "and to all a good night!" during the false snowstorm. Duck's idea of being a hero is becoming a delicious hero sandwich. Duck discovered that sand papering his eyes is not as fun as he first thought and ended up with plasters on his eyes. He has only learnt one note with singing, which goes La (with infinite a's) . His mom used to make rotten lint for dinner. Also, Duck wishes to become a professional beach model. According to Duck, he will turn into a pumpkin at midnight (each midnight for the rest of his life). He has a shed that holds his well loved possesions such as his snot mop and a booger chair. He thinks of his shed as a dream come true if it involves a shed.

His favorite instrument is the musical saw and he thinks the stage floor is out of tune. Every summer he sells out of Duck merchandise or himself. Duck gives Dirk Danger prank calls such as "Your refrigerator is running! Hee hee hee!" Duck also has a lucky retainer called Lucky which Howie loses in Banana Split. In "Campagin Pains", Duck voted for a rake. He said it was like an anti-leaf agenda. In "Hotel of Horrors", his Bizarro Cabano copy is a conjured twin of himself. When Tex Cowchucky says he likes open space, Duck turns Tex's room into outer space. Duck fixes the ozone layer with a bandage in "The Green Banana. In a game of "Dirks and Dragons", Duck plays the princess. Duck and the canyon go way back as friends. He almost got married to Narwhal. He danced weirdly and said something to the tune of "dada" in "The Duck Vinci Code". He has a mini duck called Little Duck, as well a group of mini ducks. Duck is also somewhat a genius because he can invent things.


  • Warren the Ostrich (Oh Yeah! Cartoons, both are birds with orange beaks)

Duck's Comedic Moments

Flying on an umbrella saying Are we migrating?.

Eating crayons and saying "there is a rainbow, in my belly."

Saying "I am the mayor of the world!", when the ANA are escaping the crabs.

Having a potato masher with him "just in case."

Eating cheese even when he knows he's lactose intolerant.

Singing la (repeatedly) on stage.

Sawing the stage floor with his musical saw thinking that the floor's out of tune.

Dressing up like a clown on stage closing himself in a box

Saying Look! I'm stuck! , after the aforementioned act.

Using a tennis racket as a replacement for his lucky retainer.

Building an octopus eating robot even though Octo is an octopus.

Voting for a rake to be the mayor of the city.

Kissing a rake saying you will always have my vote.

Fixing his broken mug and it turning out to look like a claw instead.

Pouring coffee on his claw like mug.

Gluing his claw like mug to his head thinking that it was a good place to put it so he doesn't lose it.

Dressing up like a lady in the closet fanning himself saying I've always depended on the kindness of strangers.

Holding a pumpkin saying This apple is heavy!

Taking a bite out of the pumpkin pie Piggy made and said This apple tastes like pumpkin!

Thinking that Howie was going to turn him into a hero sandwich after Howie asks him if he would like to be his new hero.

Smashing his ERM after he broke off the handle thinking that it would stop it but instead made the problem even worse.

Putting all of his friends through heck just to keep his egg safe but the whole time it was a giant mint.

Thinking that a tennis racket was a banjo asking Why does my banjo have so many strings?

Soaking himself in Piggy's gravy.

Banging the phone on the desk asking Howie how did you get in this thingy?


  • Duck is always shown with his teeth flashing. He is only shown with his mouth completely shut is in some episodes.
  • Duck has royal roots.
  • Nothing is really known about Duck's family except that he has a sister named Mandi who is just like him. His mother fed him rotten lint when he was just a duckling. He also has an uncle named Uncle Bernie.
  • Duck can be clueless most of the time and sometimes he can be a total genius. He can also invent things.
  • The time machine was Duck's first invention.
  • He speaks Swedovlakian.
  • Duck has been seen in most episodes to be left-handed.
  • Because we saw Duck's family act like him it is possible that all Ducks are like him in this universe.
  • Duck grew up in Nose Nugget Boulevard.


  • Helicopter - Nothing But The Tooth and 8 Lives
  • Space Rocket - Green Banana
  • Time Machine - Blast To The Past
  • Hoverboard - Blast To The Past
  • The Attendatron - Insane In The Brain
  • Octopus Eating Robot - Insane In The Brain
  • Artificial sun
  • A jetpack for three people
  • Hats That Allow You To Enter Into Another's Brain - Insane In The Brain
  • Many more that can only be mentioned by watching Almost Naked Animals.


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