Dirk Danger is a stunter but he never completes his stunts because, like Howie, he always crashes. 

Dirk Danger
Dirk Danger Cooking
Vital statistics
Species Regular name: Flying squerel
Scientific name: TBA
Gender Male
Job Stunting
Voiced by Christian Potenza

Some facts about Dirk Danger

  • He is Howie's favourite stuntman & Piggy's Dad.
  • He's plunged into the biggest ball of Gouda.
  • He forced Howie to fill the Banana Cabana with melted marshmallow goo.
  • He had a part-time job at the Fruity Noodle Hut.
  • He wears yellow underpants with red lightning bolts on them.
  • He fooled the press by pretending to be trapped in the marshmallow goo...but he wasn't!
  • He is from Swedovlakia and speaks Swedovlakian.
  • He likes Polka Music
  • He was a hermit
  • In one episode Dirk was almost crying when he talked about his family meaning that his parents may have passed away.
    Dirk Danger Cooking
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