Cowboy Cabana
Season 1, Episode ? (108b)
Cowboy cabana
Air date February 26, 2011 (Canada)
June 22, 2011 (US)
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Production Order: All Dog No Danger
Broadcast Order: ?
Production Order: Oh Brother, Who Are You?
Broadcast Order: ?

Cowboy Cabana is the second part in the eighth double-bill of Almost Naked Animals.


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Tex Cowchucky arrives at The Cabana and asks Howie if he could turn the hotel into a ranch. Howie agree's to Tex's idea. Octo worries about the cactuses. Narwhal complains about the new song he has to sing. Duck makes Tex's bedroom into space. Burt & Burt arrive at the hotel looking for Tex. Piggy makes them both some baked beans. Narwhal complains about the smell they make. The smell makes Piggy faint. Howie tries to ram Sloth into Burt & Burt but misses them. Burt & Burt then tie up Bunny and Tex together. Howie has a plan to get rid of them. Tex leaves the hotel.

Characters who appeared in this episode

Howie Octo Texas Cowchucky Duck Narwhal Burt & Burt Piggy Sloth Bunny


to be added Howie says to Sloth, "Are you sure about this?" Sloth replies, "I'm always happy to spend some quality time with you Howie"


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Adult Humor

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