Banana Cabana

The Banana Cabana, also simply known as the Cabana, is the hotel that Howie owns. Its rival is the Chateau Chattoo, owned by Poodle, Howie's evil sister. Poodle and her henchman, Batty, are always trying to take the Cabana from Howie.


Little is known about the Banana Cabana's history. Apparently, Howie and Poodle's dad owned it in his past life and it was handed down to Howie (possibly meaning that Howie is older than Poodle since the hotel had to go to someone at an old age).

Banana Cabana Info

The Banana Cabana is a bit smaller than the Chateau Chatoo because the Banana Cabana has only 2 floors,  about 20 bedrooms, and a pool.


  1. Howie - Manager
  2. Octo - Desk Clerk
  3. Bunny - Activites Director
  4. Duck - Handy Animal
  5. Piggy - Chef
  6. Sloth - Lugage girl
  7. Narwhal - Entertanier
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