Act to the Future
Season 1, Episode 13
Act to the future
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Act to the Future is the thirteenth episode of season one of Almost Naked Animals. It is the thirteenth episode overall.


Bunny has written a new play for gang. Howie and Octo don't want to be in her play as they always have to play the cactus and the backup cactus. After watching a Dirk Danger film they decide to travel to the future so they skip the play. Howie thinks he made it however Octo doesn't make it. So Howie tries to set back time which leads to machine monsters bursting out of the ground.
Doctor Time


Bunny is holding a play at the Banana Cabana about doctors, but then Octo interrupts with a sports role, not knowing the play's script isn't about sports anymore. Then Bunny has to change the script again, and informs them they have to be back at sunrise for another rehearsal and make sure Howie does not miss out on the play. Howie then appears inside a barrel and tells Octo that Bunny's always making him play the cactus. Then he has a plan to miss her play. Then they watch a movie about Dr. Rhino and Dirk Danger having a life saber fight. Then Howie sees the thing they need - the Dirk Danger Top Secret Ultra Best Pal Walkie Talkie Adventure Watch Set. They go through the instructions and warnings. They set their time coordinates for two days into the future and go to bed. Howie can't sleep without his delicious bedtime pudding, so he has a "teeny-tiny" bit, getting some on his tongue and then goes to sleep sticking his tongue out, which causes some pudding to drip from his tongue onto Octo's DDTSUBPWTAW, making the screen go dead. At sunrise, Sloth, Piggy and Narwhal do the new script, which is about science fiction. Then Howie and Octo awake, with Howie's watch glowing (flashing) and Octo's not, who finds Howie with pudding around his mouth. Then Howie future pokes Octo and calls himself Future Howie, in which he says, "It's Future Howie, and in the future, future poking's all the rage." Then Octo says, "Future Howie, stop! Weren't you listening to anything Dr. Rhino said? If our watches touch, it will destroy the universe!" Then Octo gets away from him, and Howie tries to use the watch to transport himself to the (future) lounge, which doesn't work, so he walks. Bunny is then looking for the two, realizing her megaphone isn't powerful enough, so she gets a bigger and louder one. "HOWIE! OCTO! REHEARSAL!" Then he tries to use his future bat to smash every clock in the Cabana to reset time, but clocks don't control time, they tell time. He is then told that the Earth spinning around the Sun controls time. So then he uses a soda bottle to try and do so, but he fails, grabbing parts of buildings, which he mistakes for machine monsters. Then the play is about to begin, and then shouts, "The machines are attacking! THE MACHINES ARE ATTACKING!" And then an animal beside him says, "Don't worry, dog. Ain't nobody ever met their doom while they were eating relish out of a garbage bag. Mmm, relish." The play has begun, and then Howie yells, "THE MACHINES HAVE PIGGY!" Then Howie runs on stage and then tells the audience that he time-travelled and tries to destroy Piggy's metal machine costume, but fails. Then Octo tries to destroy the machines (actually household items), a blender (spinning blades), microwave (heat rays), toaster (hot bread) and pepper grinder (cracked pepper), and Octo says the machines know their plan and they're fighting back. Then Bunny is losing the audience, and gets Duck to do a laser show, with a laser hitting Octo in the eye. Then they saved the gang from the machines, and then try to hi-five but their watches touch and the universe "explodes". Then Howie and Octo ruined Bunny's play and then throws Howie the cactus costume. Then they throw roses at her and the animal with the garbage bagful of relish throws Bunny a bouquet of relish-smeared napkins. Then Sloth says he saved the play, then Duck appears wearing two Dirk Danger watches (one on each wrist) and with some pudding around his mouth and saying, "I can't believe I ate so much - pudding," as the episode ends.



  • The title of the episode parodies Back to the Future.
  • Howie always plays as the cactus in Bunny's plays. This is most likely used as an excuse for Howie to not act and stay still.
  • The rhino in the Dirk Danger show parodies Darth Vader.


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