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• 8/21/2017

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• 9/11/2014

Internet Slowdown #StoptheSlowLanes

If you live in the US and are not already aware, the US government are being a bunch of buttholes again and trying to take away our freedom to internet and make it a whole capitalistic piece of poop corporation game. With that being said, if you don't want to have to pay a buttload of money just to access sites like wikia or tumblr or deviantart and if you don't want to sail further into debt, I would go sign this petition and contact congress and tell them that this taking away of net neutrality is absolute bullpoop and they need to knock this junk off and stop being greedy and feeding corporations!
Regardless of your political standpoint, this is a very important thing and could determine the future of the internet!
Also, share this picture!:
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• 9/7/2014

Duck's Interdimesional Adventures (ADMIN ONLY)

I have an idea called Duck's Interdemsional Adventures, and I need help to make it real. If any admins have ideas for it, then tell me as soon as possible. By the way, it will be a crossover spinoff of Almost Naked Animals!
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• 9/2/2014

Organization Proposition (ADMINS ONLY)

Hello there! I was skimming through the wiki and noticed that alot of the character pages are inconsistent format wise and the episode lists are missing some titlecards. Also, some of the lists look too big and spacious and the broken/missing title cards do not look aesthetically pleasing.
Do you think we should work on these formats? I would like to make them look more concise, easier to view, and aesthetically pleasing. What do you guys think?
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